Accurate Signs That He Wants a Committed Relationship with You

Society tends to tell us that men are not committing to relationships easily, unlike women. The truth is that we are all different; many men are willing to commit quicker than their female partners. They show signs of commitment in the early relationship stages. If you pay attention, it won’t be hard for you to conclude whether your man is looking for a committed relationship with you or not.

Asking Questions

If the man you are seeing is asking many questions about your life, it’s because he wants to get to know you better. Typically, his questions will not be shallow or sexual. Instead, they will be interesting enough to hold a conversation and get closer. He may ask you about your dream job, family, childhood, certain preferences… Whatever helps him create a full opinion of you. The more comfortable you get together, the more he will ask. It will be one of the first signs that he wants a committed relationship. On the contrary, he wouldn’t bother to learn details about you.

Listening to You

If your partner wants a serious relationship, he will not only ask questions, he will listen carefully too. You will notice quickly if he is asking something for the sake of it or because he is interested. If he cares enough, he will remember your conversations long after you finish them. You can test his memory by bringing back some important topics that you discussed before. If he remembers what you said the first time, it will be a proof that he listened. Listening will also be extremely significant in your day-to-day conversations. Whether you are talking about happy or sad things, you should always feel that he is listening to you. Of course, you should do the same in return.

Planning Your Life Together

“Planning your life together” doesn’t mean telling fairy tales that you would like to hear. Instead, your man will share some realistic plans or at least occasionally say that he would like to take you somewhere or do something special with you. It will mean that he imagines you in his life and he wants to share experiences with you. However, if the guy you are seeing is going over the board with plans; promising you the world without knowing you properly; telling you that he wants to be with you forever before you even get to know him well, you need to be careful! There is a high chance he is just trying to deceive you. A man that legitimately wants to commit will go slow with the plans because he will not want to get disappointed if they don’t work out. He will share his plans only when he thinks he can make them true.

Being Completely Honest

Honesty is the key to a successful relationship. If the guy you are dating wants to be loyal and committed, he will open up to you. Some people use the “mysterious” card to hide dirty things from their past. Men that want to commit will not hide anything. Your partner will be aware that everything he hides at the beginning could harm your relationship after. For that reason, he will be honest with you; about his past, present, and future.

Making You a Priority

You will feel ultra-special around the man you like if he wants a committed relationship with you. He will make time for you even when he is super busy; he will text you good morning and good night; be attentive and never let you feel alone. That feeling will overpower all the questions you may have. You will feel loved and appreciated so there won’t be space for any doubt. With a certainty that he wants a committed relationship, you will be fearless to commit as well.

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