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Vietnamese Dating 101: Things to Know Before Dating Vietnamese Girls

Let’s say you know the tips and secrets to catch the attention in Vietnamese dating, good for you but actually, you better brace yourself man because eventually you’ll start a relationship with a Vietnamese lady and that’s where things might get a little bit out of your control. Dating a Vietnamese girl can be challenging and grueling especially if you’re not from the west where traditional and conservative upbringings and values differ from yours but worry no more because here are 5 important pointers and tips to help you date a Vietnamese girl!

Let’s jump right in, shall we? At number one on the list, we have an important first date. It’s your first date with someone you meet on a Vietnamese dating site, you have to set the mood right, everything needs to be perfect! She will remember the first date so you have to be extremely careful because you might just have to have your first date single! Now, first, you’ll have to worry about the venue. For a venue, you should keep it casual, just quick a grab coffee or two with her at her local coffee shop. You might want to choose an authentic coffee shop after all; Vietnamese woman knows their coffee. It’s important not to ask her for a drink on your first date, why you ask?

Well, Vietnam dating culture does not really involve girls drinking alcoholic beverages. Most Vietnamese women are conservative and reserved, most of them don’t drink alcohol or doesn’t want to be seen drinking outside, taking her out for an alcoholic drink is a non-starter. It’s an instant deal-breaker! Additionally, avoid going out to fancy restaurants, it’s a nifty trick to help you get rid of potential ‘gold diggers’ dating you out for a free meal. Now that’s done, how about communication?

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Vietnamese girls don’t speak much English as you probably do so they will be more or less, a language boundary between you two so Vietnamese ladies would appreciate it if you at least try to understand what they were saying. How? It’s easy, just go to the phone and install a Google translate app or other apps! Be interested in her culture and language is the first step if you dream of dating Vietnamese girls, this gives you a free pass to sit beside her and learn.

Second, on the list are your subsequent dates and relationships. The first date went well, congratulations but now, you’re going to have to start planning your next date or dates. Oh, a friendly reminder, after multiple dates, your Vietnamese girl may still not be comfortable with showing affection or feelings in public. Kissing and hugging may seem normal to you but to them, it’s a private and important matter! Consider her conservative upbringing at all times. Also, keep in mind that dating Vietnam woman may require you to take more leadership roles in the relationship and make final decisions, for example where to eat and what to eat. Vietnamese girls grew up in a patriarchal society so showing your indecisiveness and weakness to them can be disastrous. That doesn’t mean that you’ll disregard her opinions and all, instead, you need to be sensitive enough to listen to her needs, make your decisions about it, and make sure you’ll do what you say.

Moving on with third on the list: meeting her family. If you actually managed to reach this stage, congratulations once more for your relationship is now taken to the next stage. This is the real deal situation dude so you can’t mess this up. Families are important in the Vietnamese culture so if you have their stamp of approval, it’s a big advantage.

Remember to learn about their culture and habits when date Vietnamese women since you’re going to their house. To them, it’s customary at family dinners for the eldest family member to be the first one to grab his chopsticks and starts eating first, it’s their silent way of showing their respect so don’t go ahead and eat first no matter how hungry or appetizing the foods are before you, trust me. Also, for plus points, you can go ahead and serve food to other people, it shows your caring and gentle side to them and they really appreciate it.

When greeting them, shaking hands especially with other girls will be met with giggles from the family or hugging is no-no instead, you should bow, it’s the first thing Vietnamese children learn from their parents. At Vietnamese family dinners, it’s normal to be bombarded by a lot of questions that may surprise you or make you uncomfortable like how you meet on a Vietnam dating site. It may seem too soon for you but it’s quite normal in their tradition were when meeting the girl’s parents means you’re prepared to marry them and so on but calm down. Just breathe and don’t panic, respectfully respond that in your culture it’s not something that is rushed and hopes with all your heart it stops at that.

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Lastly, we have some tips on how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you… or not and you’re just assuming!

  • 1.She wants you to meet her family; Meeting her family is the first sign in dating Vietnamese girls. It’s unsealed for a Vietnamese woman to bring you to meet her family if she wasn’t interested in you since families are a big deal to them!

  • 2.Your date talks a lot and asks many questions; another way of Vietnamese woman to show interest is to keep the conversation going and wants to know more about you!

  • 3.She is eager to show you her culture; Vietnam women dating foreign men are fond of western culture but it does not mean that they are not proud of their own culture. She is interested in you if she’s willing to teach you and let you know more about her culture and traditions. It basically means she’s baring her soul to you!

  • 4.Maintain eye contact and smiling.

  • 5.She asks if you have a girlfriend; It’s most likely the oldest trick in the book, if a girl asks if you’re in a relationship, she’s most likely interested and you should know it!

  • 6.Playing a lot with her hair.

  • 7.She laughs at your jokes.

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