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Date Chinese Women: Dos and Don'ts

Your dating pool has now become limited because you have traveled to China or have moved there for work. You think you are an amateur and cannot date Chinese women with ease, just like you have dated other girls in your own country? Well, get yourself relieved, because we have prepared a list of Dos and Don’ts of dating Chinese girls. Getting a date in China is not hideous, you just need some effective tips and a good mind for that.

The Dos:

Learn About Her Culture

Usually, Chinese girls avoid dating foreigners, but if you have a little knowledge and respect about Chinese culture then it might be your winning point in attracting a Chinese single girl. Otherwise, get ready for being treated with suspicion initially. From Chinese cuisine you can start learning about Chinese culture. Once you have got a date, there will be a lot talking about food. So be prepared.

Respect Her Family Value

Chinese women tend to maintain a strong bond with their families. So, learn about proper greetings as you do not want to get yourself embarrassed in front of your date’s family. This is because their opinion might impact your future relationship with her. Her family might love you if you respect them and their culture.

Learn Chinese to Impress Her

Bilingual Chinese women are very common in China, but there is nothing more beautiful than having a conversation in their native language. Chinese dating sites also prefer you to learn Chinese first as girls get impressed by that, if you are an outsider. Learn some basics and then she might offer you to teach Chinese and this can be best for mutual bonding.

Be Attentive When She Talks

If you are dating a Chinese girl, then make sure you listen to her every time she speaks. They are not shy and submissive naturally. Keep listening to her and try to ask engaging questions about family, career, and her life.

Respect Her Private Space

Do not get insecure at the start of the relationship with Chinese women. Do not act like you are the boss, instead, respect her boundaries which is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Surprise Her with Gifts

Love language is all that matters when you date a Chinese girl. If you are responsible for making her happy with small gifts, then she might gain a perception that you are a generous man. Small but not so expensive gifts from time-to-time will do the trick.

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The Don’ts:

Never Discuss Politics with Her

No matter how free-minded or liberal you are, when it comes to a political discussion, then it might be possible that those Chinese women and you find it difficult to be on the same page. If the political conversation is initiated by her, then try to stay on the safe side and let her take the lead.

Never Prefer to Split Bills

While dating a Chinese girl, you are not expected to ask her to split the bill on a date. If you ask, she will pay half of the bill, but will not prefer to go on date again with you. Also, choose affordable places where you both can eat. If she is interested, then your money does not matter to her.

Never Ever Say All Asians Look the Same

Before dating a Chinese girl, you need to understand the fact that you will always remain a foreigner. But acceptance will be there if she is looking for a long-term relationship with you. It is not something negative to think about but Chinese women prefer European and white-skin nationalities after Chinese men for dating.

Don’t Push Yourself On Her Too Soon

Casual relationship is not a thing when you have a Chinese girl date. If your relationship is not committed, then you cannot demand her to have a sexual relationship with you. She will provide you with clear signals if she likes you and wants to be in a long-term relationship. Just do not act desperate for it.

Don’t Show Affection in Public

Public display of affection is not appreciated by Chinese women. It may make her feel uncomfortable if you will try to kiss her in public, especially when you only have gone on a few dates. Understand what she wants, respect her personal space, and try to avoid forcing PDA too early on her.

Never Plan Outings On Your Own

When you are dating a Chinese lady, then try to take her opinion when you are planning an outing or something special to celebrate. It might be possible that her schedules are conflicting with your surprise outing plans which may ruin you and your date’s mood. Also, if you tell her about outing plans then she may suggest a better place to go where you both can enjoy, as she knows more about China then you.

Never Keep Your Shoes On

Chinese women are very conscious about their hygiene and she probably will not like it if you enter her home with your shoes on. Try to keep yourself as clean as possible when you are hanging around or going on a date with her. Do not look like a homeless man, make your appearance appealing.

You may find the nature of the Chinese women quite different from the previous girls you have dated, but if you stick yourself to the above-mentioned tips, then you will be able to successfully date a Chinese girl.

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