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Philippines Women Revealed Their Biggest Online Turn-ons

Let me tell you one secret about Philippines women in the online world: most of them don’t necessarily care about how handsome you look if you can’t back it up. Your good looks might attract her but it won’t turn them on and believe me when I say no woman can resist you if you managed to turn them on. Now, let’s jump right into how to keep the Philippines girls for dating interested.

1. Dress to impress when dating Philippines

First up is your profile picture in a Philippines dating site. You can probably tell already but your profile picture is the first card you’ll present to the ladies and you might want to rethink what types of the picture you’ll use. You might as well wasn’t to dress to impress. How do you this and what type of clothes should you wear? A suit. A classic suit can get you a long way when date Filipino women. A man in a well-tailored suit, no woman can say no to that! It’s the perfect bait to lure these ladies to you.

2. Smile

Next, of course, the fashion sense is already there, you’re looking presentable but it’s vital for these Filipinas to wear your best smile! Filipina women for marriage are known to be very accommodating so presenting a smiling picture would get them. A smiling picture can showcase your confidence and at the same time, you being approachable.

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3. Initiate and hold a conversation

Now, these first two are more focused on your profile picture but now, what if you managed to capture her attention already in a Manila dating site? You got to have to work on your way to keep these Filipinas interested and that’s where it can be tricky. It’s a well-known fact of how appearances can easily attract ladies but not for long. Philippines women crave meaningful and fun conversations both on Philippines dating sites and in real life so don’t bore her to death with your endless talks about yourself. Let’s jump into number 3, don’t be a pretentious prick. See, you have to understand that there’s a fine line between showing off and telling her about yourself. You need to carefully analyze where the line you want to step in because it’s going to be a “bye, boy” situation real quick. Don’t get me wrong; Filipinas like confidence and a man’s ability to provide but being humble about it is what makes them go crazy about you! Endlessly bragging about the things that you have every five seconds you’re talking to a Filipina would makes you look obnoxious and a narcissist. If you’re going to talk about yourself and your oh-so-amazing accomplishments all day, you might as well date yourself. Besides, you showing off all those things would only make it appear that you’re trying to compensate for your shortcomings if you know what I mean.

4. Keep it fun and light

Next for communication is to know what to say after you get a date on a Filipino dating site. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows exactly what to say to all your troubles and dramas. A man who listens attentively in a conversation without making sexual advances, you’re pretty much considered a rare type of man and you know what women feel, especially Filipina when they found themselves a rare treasure. If you want a Filipina, you have to make sure you’re emotionally prepared to listen to everything that they have to say and not just listen- listen attentively because sometimes, these ladies test you by what they say intentionally just to know if you’re really listening or you just want to get it. Besides, sending sexual advancements and hints are a no-no in Filipino dating culture when they’re sincerely trying to start a conversation with you. Boy, you thirsty! Read more into the atmosphere and then make your move. Shoot your shot.

5. Your voice

Communications are very vital in online dating these days but what about if a Filipina decides to have a live video chat in the Philippine dating website? Well, a deep and husky voice is like a pre-selection or more like a requirement to these Filipinas to date them. Your deep voice is magical enough for a Filipina to date you without having to see you. Yes, it’s that powerful, just like what Amy had stated: “A deep voice is my pre-selection filter to determine that I’m going to date a guy even without having out see him!” A deep and husky voice makes you appear manly and gives off the impression that these Filipinas can rely on you. It makes you sound mysterious and truly captivating, for her, you are a mystery she is trying to unravel every day. No woman gets bored with a deep voice. It’s a love potion for them!

6. Eye contact

The last thing about the live video chat, now this is the real deal, it’s the do or die climax of the online date for Filipinas: the eye contact. Yes, you read that right, it’s the eyes, it’s always, always the eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and possibly your window to get yourself a Filipina girl as a girlfriend or wife! Mastering the ability to maintain eye contact with the person you’re talking to without bothering or creeping them out is truly a work of art. Can you imagine staring at someone who a long period without feeling awkward or embarrassed? That’s talent right there, I tell you! Filipinas are crazy for a man who looks at her like she’s the only thing he sees as she speaks even about the most random things- even if it’s via webcam! It’s a man’s way of showing his confidence to look straight at your eyes and his sexiness that you’re listening to.

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That’s all that you need to remember when it comes to impressing and turning on a Filipina!



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