Stop Hanging Out with Women, Start Dating Them

Today, it has become a common occurrence to see men and women casually hanging out. This is common especially among young adults in urban areas. Young men are dating less and hanging out more. The phenomenon has become widespread that people easily confusing hanging out with dating.

Hanging out typically involves a group of people carrying out activities together such as playing games, going to the beach, going to restaurants or clubs. This means that they keep the relationship at a friendly level, and this makes the participants relaxed. This comfortable atmosphere makes many men want to replace dating with hanging out.

Dating on the other hand is a relationship between two people temporarily who are trying to know each other on a romantic level. It is one of the first steps that might perhaps lead to a long-term relationship.

Why men are hanging out more and dating less

The social setting has obviously changed with the inception of social media. It is one of the factors that has made dating drastically decline among young adults. There are other factors that make hanging out more popular than dating. They include:

  1. Fear or lack of interest in commitment - Today’s generation of young adults is either afraid or not interested in commitment. Many do not want to be ‘chained’ to one person before they could explore the world.

  2. Social media - Social media platforms have enabled men to have virtual hangouts and relationships instead of going out and experiencing the real thing.

  3. Fear of rejection - Some men fear of rejection and this discourages them from asking a woman out. They instead choose to just have casual hangouts.

Why should you stop hanging out and start dating?

While it is not wrong to hang out and spend quality time with friends of the opposite, it should not be a replacement for dating. Believe it or not, dating the right woman has great benefits than many men might know.

Dating is the first step to finding someone special that you would like to have a relationship with and spend the rest of your lives together. Unlike hanging out, dating offers an excellent opportunity to get to know the woman you are interested in on a much deeper and personal level. It is also a great way to get experience and dating lessons that will help you in future when you decide to settle down.

Unless you ask that pretty lady in your group of friends out, she will always be you friend. Somebody will eventually ask her out and you will be left dejected and full of regrets.

So, why wait? Stop hanging out and start dating. It is not hard to start dating as many may presume. Here are some tips to get you started in the world of dating.

  1. Ask her out on a date

  2. Women love being asked out on a date: despite the change of character in today’s woman, women are still excited when a man asks them out on a date. Most ladies admit that they love a guy who takes the first initiative to ask them out on a date. However, many men do not want to take that first step and that is why many successful women are mostly single. Men are afraid to ask them out. Be bold and ask that lawyer next door out.

  3. Asking her out isn’t that difficult

  4. Asking a lady out on a date is as simple as ABC: it is not that hard to ask a woman out on a date. Just make it simple and preferably in person or a phone call.

  5. Make the dates simple

  6. Don’t do extravagant dates. Instead, keep it simple and modest. Go for coffee dates or lunch dates in a nice and fair price outlet. Do not sacrifice your income for just one date. Alternatively, you can invite her to your house for dinner. Women like men who know their way around the kitchen. Simple and frequent dates will help you get to know the lady better and judge if she is one you can engage in a long-term relationship.

  7. Get ready for rejection

  8. This is not to discourage you but rather prepare you. Not every request or question will come back with a ‘yes’. Some women might say no for many reasons, so, you should always be prepared for that. However, this should not discourage you from asking. You have nothing to lose. Change your approach and ask another lady.

  9. Embrace commitment

  10. Once you decide to date your Asian woman, get rid of the fear of commitment. Commitment is not a confining affair but rather a liberating one. So, stride forward and ask a lady out for a coffee date and commit to her when she says yes.

When should you ask a woman out?

There is no specific time to ask a woman out on a date. If you feel ready and interested in the woman, just go ahead and ask her. keep the dates simple but fun and make them frequent.


As mentioned earlier, hanging out is not bad. But if you are looking for a life-long partner, it would be advisable to change hanging out for dating. Take the first step and ask a lady out. Dating is not as complicated as men think and you can still hang out with your other friends. Take the first step and meet the Asian woman of your dreams by signing up on

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